About Us


My name is Scott Barkley and I’m the owner of Bio Decon Solutions. I wanted to help people in their greatest time of need and that’s why Bio Decon Solutions was started. At Bio Decon Solutions, we have the passion to help families deal with hoarding and traumatic incidences such as homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, accidents, and any other biohazard situations.

I was born and raised in Spokane, WA within a law enforcement family. My dad was a Spokane County Sheriff Deputy, my mom was a reserve police officer, and my step-mom was a police officer for the City of Spokane. I went to Western Washington University and earned a BA in Sociology. While pursuing a career in law enforcement, I transitioned to becoming a correctional officer at McNeil Island Corrections Center and worked there for 2 years. Budget cuts were looming so I found work at a local hospital as a security officer when I founded Bio Decon Solutions.  



My name is Corinna Love and I’m the President of Bio Decon Solutions. I was born to a military family overseas and finally settled in Lakewood. I have raised my family locally in the Lakewood area. I previously worked for the Department of Corrections as well as security at a Tacoma area hospital. While working at the hospital I met Scott Barkley, the owner of Bio Decon Solutions. I originally planned on working for the company part time but as I got more involved into the company and work, I really enjoyed it. I like to help people out in their time of need as that is exactly what we do.