Needle Clean Up

  • Sharps container full of needles after a needle clean up in Seattle

We love working with construction companies to perform needle clean up and sweeps at your construction sites or property.   You or your employees don’t want to get stuck with a contaminated hypodermic needle used for injecting illegal drugs.  Needles can transmit HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis D. We know safety is the most important aspect of any company so let us take the risk and liability of dealing with hypodermic needles or syringes.  We also know that any amount of needles laying around the site can slow down or even stop progress of the project and that’s why we offer same day needle clean ups and sweeps.


Needle Clean up Services

  • Needle sweeps at construction site, bridges, overpasses, and other types of property
  • Needle clean up and proper disposal following local Health Dept regulations
  • Same day response for needle clean ups
  • Free estimates – We come onsite and walk around the property or construction site with or without you

Needles/syringes cannot just be put in a trash bag and placed in the garbage.  They need to be placed in approved sharps containers and then disposed of properly.  We place the sharps containers in biohazard boxes that are then pickup by an infectious waste company.  If you need to find a place to to be able to drop off sharps container from medical use.  Check out for you closest disposal site.