There are 3 factors in the cost of each job.

  1. Labor
  2. Disposal fees – landfill fees and biohazard disposal
  3. Supplies – trash bags, chemicals, PPE, etc.

Our pricing is based off how many hours it will take.  To make sure we give you the fairest and closest price, we offer complimentary, no-obligation estimates.  We don’t have fixed pricing that fits each unique job.  To help accommodate the sometimes unexpected need for our services, we offer payment plan options and surprise-free billing.

  • No-cost estimates
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Surprise-free billing
No-Cost Estimates

Our no-cost estimates are for all of the services we provide which include:

  • hoarding/clutter clean up
  • homicides/murders
  • suicides
  • unattended deaths/decomposing bodies
  • homeless camp clean up
  • rodent droppings
  • syringe clean up

All no-cost estimates are no-obligation and are not sale pitches.  You will not feel pressured in any way to use our company.  We will give you a quote, answer any questions you may have and then be on our way or start work right away (in certain circumstances) if you decide to hire us.  Call us today at (253) 320-8657 for your free, no-obligation estimate from one of our friendly staff members.

We have multiple options for giving free estimates:

  1. We come out to the property and perform a free inspection *preferred*  
  2. We utilize Skype or FaceTime and have you walk around the property with your laptop/tablet/smart phone
  3. You take detailed photos of each room and living space and email or text them to us
Payment Plan Options

We offer payment plans from 1 to 6 month installments for families that are not able to afford our services. 

  • 0% interest
  • We require something down before work starts to cover initial cost.  The down payment is negotiable. 
Surprise-Free Billing

We understand that when our services are required, it can be during a very stressful time.  Therefore, families may be vulnerable or grieving and that’s why you need to use a company that has integrity and that will not take advantage of these situations.  We offer competitive pricing and the final bill will always be known before the job is complete.  95% of the time, the final price is the same as the initial estimated price.  If there are any unforeseen factors, the price change will be discussed with you as soon as the issue is discovered.  We strongly believe in transparency when it comes to billing our clients.  For example, during a crime scene clean up blood or bodily fluids have seeped into or under the subfloor.  During a hoarding clean up the deeper layers of items can become wet and very compacted which will take longer to remove and add weight at the landfill.

We strongly believe in transparency when it comes to billing our clients.

Call us at (253) 320-8657 for a no-cost estimate for any clean up services.


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