Crime Scene Clean Up

  • crime scene clean up in bathroom

Crime Scene Clean up

Bio Decon Solutions specializes in crime scene clean up.  We are a biohazard decontamination company with all required licenses (licensed contractors) and certifications to handle your job properly and safely. We understand that dealing with traumatic incidents such as: suicides, homicides, decomposing bodies, and accidents, can be very emotionally draining, especially if there is a visual biohazard at your home, apartment, business, vehicle or job site.

Let us take away some of the worry by cleaning your property so you can deal with other important issues.  You will have the peace of mind knowing that our staff are compassionate, discreet, and professionally trained to deal with any crime scene clean up or trauma clean up situation.  We offer 24/7 response times, transparent billing (no surprises), and a client satisfaction guarantee.  If we  somehow missed something or you are not satisfied, we will keep coming out to the property, free of charge, until you are satisfied.  Call us at (253) 320-8657 for your free, no-obligation estimate.

We will come out to the property and give you a free estimate.  The estimate will only increase when we start work if blood and bodily fluids have seeped into or underneath subfloors, underneath walls, baseboard, etc. This cannot be inspected during an estimate without starting the actual clean up process.

Insurance Accepted!

Crime scene clean up is usually covered by home owner’s, renter’s, and comprehensive auto insurance.  We work directly with insurance companies so you don’t have to be the middle man and keep being reminded of the tragedy.  However, there are times when some additional information or signatures might be needed from you to finish the claims process.  Generally, we will have no need to contact you again and you can start to move on with your life.

Some jobs cost less than the home owner’s deductibles, but in those cases where insurance will be utilized, we want you to know that we work with all insurance companies.                                                                                                                          


Being discreet is a key to our success.  We realize most clients have being discreet as one of their top priorities when needing crime scene clean up services.  All our vehicle are unmarked and have no advertising or signage, except for biohazard labels on our decon trailer, which are required by Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department when transporting infectious waste.

Bloodborne Dangers

There are many serious blood borne pathogens that crime and trauma scenes can contain such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, C. Diff and other dangerous pathogens.  These diseases can survive on surfaces anywhere from a couple of minutes to several weeks and still has the capability to infect you and that is why we only use hospital grade disinfectants.

  • Hep B can survive outside of the body for over 7 days*
  • Hep C can survive outside of the body for over 16 hours (at room temp), but no more than 4 days*
*Center for Disease Control and Prevention