Animal Hoarding

People who have animal hoarding tendencies are just as common as hoarders of clutter and usually do both.  People who hoard animal usually have the best intentions of taking quality care for the animals, but then they start accepting more animals than they can care for. We can properly dispose of dead animals and animal waste.  This type of clean up requires a professional biohazard remediation company such as Bio Decon Solutions who is licensed, bonded, insured and that have the compassion and expertise to deal with animal hoarding.
  • Removal of biohazards and clutter
  • Proper disposal
  • Disinfection
  • Deodorization

Cat hoarding are among the worst situations because of high ammonia and crystallization of cat urine.  Urine saturates everything in the home leaving most of the contents ruined and unsalvageable.  Structural damage is also found within these homes where the urine has destroyed carpeting, hardwood floors, subfloors, and drywall. 

Bio Decon Solutions will sort through the contents and save anything that has not been destroyed.  Items that can be saved will be cleaned and disinfected.